We offer a variety of architectural design and consultation services, structured according to specific client needs.

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You offer Design/Build services to your clients. You prefer to partner up with a designer until you grow your business and set up an in-house design team.

When an architect partners up with a builder, the builder partner expects to receive a design that mindfully fits their construction methods, select materials, and preferred specifications while delivering a satisfactory outcome to the project owners. 

Our services would enable you, the builder, to retain better control over the project throughout the project’s life and ensure a positive client experience. Our builder partners collaborate with us to receive benefits such as:

  • Making an accurate cost estimation early on with preliminary drawings to avoid committing to unprofitable projects.
  • Having a single point of contact with a design team, sparing them more time to deal with trades and sub-contractors
  • Reducing the number of revisions, delays and change orders during construction, which can compromise project profitability.

Check out the projects below as examples of our design/build assistance services:

You leased or purchased a space for your service, restaurant, retail or manufacturing business. You are looking for designers to shape your building and/or interior spaces and help you obtain permits to start operating.

Businesses who lease suites primarily hire architects to receive interior design services. An architect would help them select plumbing and lighting fixtures, room finishes, paint colours, hardware, furniture, accessories, etc., that are the most suitable for their brand and budget. An architect could also design their custom cabinets, front desk and storage units while coordinating interior spaces with their special equipment requirements. Businesses can heighten their brand power by hiring a multi-disciplinary design team that can deliver all aspects of design.

Our Business clients retain us to receive benefits such as;

  • Having a single point of contact with a design team to ensure excellent design coordination between different disciplines.
  • Ensuring design consistency between their branding, logo, signage, interior finishes, furniture, fixtures and artwork.
  • Reducing waste and saving expenses by utilizing recycled and/or repurposed construction materials

Check out the projects below as examples of our interior design services:

You are a new or emerging developer investing in real estate development. You work with architects to help you procure lots, obtain financing, permits, and promote your project.

Developers hire architects to develop feasible and original building concepts that help them appeal to future buyers and renters and gain support from the local development departments, the public, and financing institutions.

Developers would use pro-formas and feasibility studies to assist them with core investment decisions early on and use architectural visualization services to promote their vision to the public.

The Developer clients retain us to receive benefits such as;

  • Proposing a successful concept that will gain the authorities’ and the public’s support.
  • Developing a correctly sized building that optimizes profitability.
  • Reducing long-term building maintenance and replacement costs.

Check out the projects below as examples of our architectural services:

You are, or will be, a homeowner and are considering building new or upgrading a house or cottage.

Homeowner clients hire architects to build a new residence, upgrade their homes by reorganizing their existing room layouts and/or adding new rooms to their houses or accessory buildings. Homeowners invest in an architect to realize the most optimum architectural outcome achievable with their budget.

The Homeowner clients retain us to receive benefits such as;

  • Having optimized spaces that satisfy their unique family needs and tastes.
  • Lowering their annual energy expenses, leaving them more room for other expenses
  • Living in a house that enhances the well-being of their family.

Check out the projects below as examples of our residential design services: