We envision a future where wasteful consumption is eradicated, resources are used responsibly and fairly, and the longevity and well-being of all generations are prioritized.

We think that existing buildings should be upgraded if possible, and only be torn down as a last resort. Every opportunity to extend the use and lifespan of existing buildings should be explored before sending them to landfills.

At Dark Horse, we exist to help emerging and growing builders, businesses, developers and organizations create sustainable environments while making a significant impact in their respective industries.

Our clients invest in us by allowing us to create well-designed, long-lasting and environmentally conscious buildings and interiors that suit their vision, brand and values.

Dark Horse Architecture was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in 2015 with this vision in mind and had been helping a growing number of like-minded clients ever since. 


We focus on designing contextually and environmentally conscious buildings and interiors. We believe new buildings should be constructed only if necessary and with sustainable materials and means of construction.

We prioritize optimizing available assets and resources to develop new and upgrade existing buildings that will last longer and reduce environmental impact.

When we design, we focus on finding original concepts that are easy to implement yet deliver valuable outcomes. We hope to inspire the world, one project at a time, towards creating a better future for all generations.


Ethem Tar | Owner, Principal Architect

Find us @ :

1-120 Scott Street | Winnipeg | MB
R3L 0K8 | Canada
+1 (204) 615 3442

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